You have made the decision to renovate your bathroom and now you need to consider your options to make the most of the space you have. We can’t magically increase your room size but with some clever planning, designing and decorating we can certainly make your room feel bigger.

Keep the floor space clear; although a vanity unit is a great storage solution in the bathroom it makes the room feel smaller as it encroaches into the room. Consider a wall hung basin and utilise a different method of storage; perhaps store towels in the airing cupboard and your extra smellies in another room until you need them.

Many people are making the bold move to take out the bath and just have a shower. Despite a lot of opinion to the contrary this will not decrease your house price. A large sophisticated walk in shower can in fact have the opposite effect. By removing the bath and having a shower enclosure will instantly make the room seem larger as your eye is drawn to the far wall, it doesn’t stop at the bath.

The colours you choose for your bathroom are pivotal in making the room feel as large as possible and give you a sense of calm. Pale and soft colours are the best choice, keep it simple and monochromatic to enhance the feeling of space. Splashes of colour can be added with towels and bath mats.

Hanging a mirror on the wall is an instant way to make the room feel bigger and if you choose the right lighting the mirror will bounce that light around making the room feel brighter and lighter. Lighting is essential in a bathroom as they tend to have small windows or do not face the sun, you can install downlights, ceiling lights, spotlights, or cabinet lights. Each of the options give you either task lighting e.g. for shaving or applying makeup or mood lighting. Make sure whatever you choose is suitable for bathrooms and has the correct IP ratings.

Whatever you decide you want for your bathroom Connells can help design it and make it a space to be proud of. Call us on 01473 715566.