You don’t have to have a huge room space to make a beautiful kitchen, at Connells we know a few tricks of the trade, to make the most of the space you do have, making it feel and look bigger than it is.

Keeping your colour palette simple immediately makes a room feel larger especially when using white. By keeping the walls, cabinets and worktops in the same colour it really opens up the space as your eye is drawn past the cabinets to the walls.

Keeping everything minimal and streamlined is key to achieve a feeling of space. Handleless or J profile doors are ideal for achieving this look and reduces the number of materials being used which, in turn opens up the space.

Replacing solid doors with glazed doors gives the immediate impression that the kitchen is larger than it actually is as the eye is pulled past the cabinet frames into the cabinets, making the walls feel further away. To make the most of this trick keep the stored items in the cabinets orderly and colour co-ordinated.

More often than not your cupboards and drawers are not being utilised fully, internal storage solutions can solve this. Wire racks that pull out of corner or slim cupboards, plinth drawers and drawer dividers and all simple but effective accessories to increase your storage capacity.

De-clutter, it goes without saying that too many items on your worktop reduces the feeling of space. Think about clever solutions that keep your very day items such as knives and chopping boards to hand such as rails to hand things from, magnetic knife strips and cutlery bins.

Even your choice of flooring can affect the illusion of space, oversized diamonds and chevrons create diagonal lines making the room wider as your eye in drawn from one side of the room to the other. Broad horizontal stripes that run from side-to-side stretch the floor space. Try alternating two different shades of laminate floor to try this effect.

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